Kalamazoo - COVID-19 Test for Insured Patients

Kalamazoo - COVID-19 Test for Insured Patients

IMPORTANT: Follow Instructions Below

1. Select an appointment time. You will receive a confirmation.

2. YOU MUST REGISTER. Click on the “Register Now” link below and complete a separate registration for each patient.


*** Do not call the laboratory to request expedited turnaround times. Covered testing may take 24-48 hours or longer depending on demand.***

3. Covered program does not include tests used for travel. Please purchase your test if intended to be used for travel.

4. At the time of your appointment visit 5912 Venture Park Drive, Kalamazoo. There will be instructions on-site.

5. We will bring you a sample collection swab and tube to your vehicle. Samples we be self-collected by you by gently swirling the swab just inside both nostrils (anterior nares) for 15 seconds and placing it into a collection tube.

6. Your test report will be sent to you electronically via our secure online portal.

We cannot guarantee that samples collected for late appointments will be processed within the requested range of time.

It is important to submit a good sample for testing, as we want to provide a clear result. If the sample submitted is insufficient your results may be inconclusive, at which point we cannot guarantee a bona fide result in the turnaround time requested. Book and submit your sample for processing as early as possible


Your results will be sent to you via our secure online portal by the end of the next day. There may be delays due to increase in COVID-19 infections and lab verification of positive results. Results cannot be provided over the phone. You must register before sample collection and use your registration credentials to access your results. Please allow up to 48 hours for results turnaround.

No Surprise Act

In accordance with the No Surprise Act, patients may be billed up to $50 for this test should their insurance not fully cover the cost of their test. Please read here for additional information on your rights under the No Surprise Act.