Workplace Screening

Olive is pleased to extend vital COVID-19 virus and antibody testing capacity to Residential Care Facilities and Employers needing accurate 24 hour turnaround time PCR screening for COVID-19. 

We ware dedicated to protecting you, your staff, and the clients you are responsible for.    We understand that one exposure can lead to costly quarantining of entire teams of staff for 14 days, and can have disruptive impact on vital operational tasks.   If your clients get an exposure, this can have substantial impact on your reputation and brand.  At Olive we understand the stakes are high and we are here to help.  Results are fast so they can be meaningful and help you get things under control quickly should something unexpected happen. 

We offer: 

  • Expedited 24-48 hour test results. Currently 95% within 24hrs.
  • FDA authorized Real-Time PCR COVID-19 testing
  • Batch labeling and employee record importing so staff or managers 
  • Professional and responsive service
  • Excellent attention to detail and care
  • Testing supplies we provide, pre-printed with your staff information for easy on-site painless 5 minute swab testing
  • Fedex and custom courier services available for regular pickups

Many outpatient testing currently has prolonged or unreliable wait times for appointments and/or results (3-14 days), making the results almost useless. Or they use non-compliant rapid antigen or LAMP technology that is not accepted by many governments. Olive is authorized to perform Real Time-PCR tests as a CLIA certified high complexity molecular lab under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA.

If your organization is looking for responsive accurate testing support, please feel free to call us at 248-710-8336 today and make sure you secure a spot in our available capacity.