About Us

Olive Labs Inc. is a diagnostics COVID-19 testing laboratory based in Ferndale, Michigan. We are committed to providing accurate, reliable testing services and we are CLIA-certified, meeting the highest U.S. federal standards. We offer a 24-hour response time on our COVID-19 tests, which we feel is key in limiting the spread of this virus. Our clients include medical professionals, travellers needing pre-flight testing, long-term care homes, and businesses conducting routing testing for their employees.
Olive Labs is a women and minority-owned business founded by a team of passionate people. Our mission is to support individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic one accurate test at a time, with care and commitment to prompt, reliable results. Every step of diagnostic operations is conducted by highly trained staff and our MD and PhD-trained founder. State-of-the art liquid handling machines have been acquired to ensure results are accurate and rapidly available.
We believe that prompt, precise test results help keep our families and communities safe against the spread of this virus. Please view our Home Page for the individual testing services we offer for travelers, and feel free to contact us if you are a business or organization needing regular testing of a larger group.