12 or 24-hour Turnaround COVID-19 Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my COVID-19 test results?

Olive Labs has a dedicated PCR laboratory and will return your results either Same Day or Next Day depending on which test you purchase.

Is the COVID PCR test you perform acceptable prior to a flight?

Yes! We are a CLIA-certified high-complexity molecular lab that has been granted an EUA by the FDA which meets all the requirements for travel at the airport. This is the same test as a nucleic acid test (NAT). Many airlines are requiring that you have your tests performed within 48-72 hours of your flight. Please check your destination's COVID-19 testing requirements and book your test appointment with Olive Labs accordingly so that your report time will not be too early for your departure.

How will I get my COVID-19 results?

You will receive an email with your results in PDF format once they are available.

My destination of travel requires a QR Code. Do your reports have a QR code?

Yes, all of our reports include a unique QR code at the top of the page which links to your report.

Do you accept insurance?

We currently do not yet accept insurance. However, we are able to provide a detailed invoice that you may use to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.


Olive Labs went above and beyond any COVID testing clinic I have encountered. They are reliable, efficient, and genuinely care about their patients. I was in desperate need of a PT-PCR test to return to my home overseas. Olive Labs is one of the main reasons that I am back home right now. They got me my results in a timely manner and even filled out extra COVID paperwork for me to enter through customs successfully and without any problems. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Olive Labs to anyone that needs a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient testing site.

H. Barrett

Quick & friendly service! Staff came out to my car, I was in & out in 5 minutes and had my results in less than 24 hrs as promised! Will definitely return for any future testing needs.

S. Davies

Excellent customer service and they are accommodating us with workplace onsite PCR Covid tests for travel. I was blown away with the fast responses and the extremely friendly staff. They have been available to me for questions while trying to understand the process. I highly recommend Olive Labs! Thank you so much for making our lives easy and getting our test results in only a few hours.

L. Smith